Split Testing

When you ask for a website, there is always a specific task you want your website to do. The “action” that your website can be one of several things: selling one or many products for your business (eCommerce), generate sales leads, and/or provide free information to your customers in hope that their new knowledge of your product will lead to a sale at a later date.

It is often the case where a website is created and then marketing is done separately, but if you can manage marketing at your website design level it can be a much more effective and successful for you and your business. 

As consumers, we are collecting information and being sold many different products all the time. We are also being continually tested. The method of split testing (also known as A/B testing) is a way of directing traffic between two or more variants of the same webpage to measure if their is a difference in the effectiveness of the page to reach the website’s goals. 

Areas that are commonly tested are:
  • a landing page’s graphics 
  • position of information on the webpage,
  • the amount of content on a page
  • featured areas
  • forms with different or fewer elements to encourage customers to complete them.

The great advantage of testing is that we as web designers can find the optimum combination of website elements and nearly every aspect of a website can be tested.

Split testing can help:
  • increase the time your customers spend on your site
  • create greater interaction levels from your customers
  • increase the number of visitors who buy from the site
  • get more visitors to request a consultation or join up to a newsletter

Contact us to discuss split testing can mean for your website in more detail. 
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