A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system can dramatically improve the way that you manage and interact with your customers. A CRM system such as SugarCRM provides a central point for capturing, storing & sharing information about your customers and preserving that information across geographic locations or throughout staffing changes. A CRM can help you to:

  • Increase sales by improving how your organisation tracks and manages sales leads, opportunities, accounts, customer and prospect interactions.
  • Increase Visibility by showing all your activities related to an account, business contact, or prospect in one central place.
  • Improve Top Line Results by helping you to convert leads and opportunities into sales.
  • Manage Information about the companies and individuals you do business with so that you can easily check the standing of a specific account.
  • Improve Customer Service by ensuring that customer support requests are properly assigned and tracked.
  • Generate Reports to forecast sales, track account activity.
  • Scale Your Business by providing a smooth and affordable growth path from one user to hundreds.
  • Protect Your Data by having your important customer and business data securely hosted and backed up.
  • Save Money by using a well supported open source application.

Sales Force Management

SugarCRM provides a comprehensive environment for enabling and managing your sales force. By tracking accounts, contacts, activities and opportunities, the activities of the sales team can be reported on, making team members more accountable. This also helps to smooth the transition and protect business when a sales person leaves.

Customer Service and Support

With customer service case tracking and robust workflow automation, SugarCRM can help your customer service team become more efficient transparent and accountable. With the greater visibility provided by SugarCRM, your sales people can be aware of any high priority support cases before they meet with a client, and your service team can be aware of pending deals when providing assistance to customers. This enables you to break down the silos between departments, harmonising your entire business to function more smoothly.


SugarCRM takes marketing to a new level by integrating eMarketing with traditional marketing methods, tracking responses and gathering leads online. Sophisticated propsect targetting allowsyou to segmenting your customer & prospect lists with pin-point accuracy for specific marketing initiatives.


  • Set-up fees: $575
  • Data Import: $125/hr
  • User fees: $66 per month. *

* If a user's status is set to 'Active' at any time during the month the user is deemed activated and will be charged for that month, regardless of use

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